Kim Garee

There are stories everywhere!

people laughing and talking outside during daytime
people laughing and talking outside during daytime

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About Kim Garee

All the Words!

I don’t see them as career shifts … just different ways of using and celebrating words. And I take a piece of each with me to the next!

First I was a

REPORTER at The Buckeye Lake Beacon and This Week News. I got to be part of the whole process at The Beacon right out of college, from stories to photos to layout. I met so many amazing people and learned to write differently than I had in English Major school. I won the Osman C. Hooper Features writing award during that time because my heart was, and always will be, in Human Interest.

Then I became a

TEACHER at Northridge High School, almost by accident. Talk about Human Interest! I found another sweet spot here teaching writing to all grades but, eventually, to upperclassmen in college composition classes. I taught Journalism, Newspaper, Creative Writing, and Technical Writing, as well. I knew I was blessed to get to talk about writing all day long with really nifty people.

And now I’m a

LIBRARIAN for grades 6-12 at Northridge, still teaching about research and information literacy as I continue to wallow in books, articles, and STORY all day long.

As it turns out, I’m also now an

AUTHOR! I wrote my first novel in fourth grade about a band of stray dogs that took over running the U.S. from the White House (yes, there were cute illustrations). I did another in seventh grade about indentured servants in the American colonies (unfortunately, this included gruesome illustrations). I’ve published some poems and short stories and a literacy article. Now, I’m excited to put a book out there for other people to actually see. Look for Pressed Together, Book One in the Buckeye Lake “Together” series, in July 2024 through Mt. Zion Ridge Press! (I’m not illustrating this one, no matter how tempted I am!)